Green Tip #155: Waste Not, Want Not #2: Paper

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I was brought up green, before it was fashionable. In fact, the great depression influenced my parents, grandparents and relatives to conserve resources. Once you get these habits ingrained as a kid, they stick!

We haven’t arrived at the “paperless” society yet. In fact, judging from my office, we’re not even close. We all know about putting our paper in the recycling bin, but here’s a twist. Before you put any paper into the recycle bin, USE BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER! Reuse the blank side of computer paper. Scrap and notebook paper has two sides; use them both!

4 thoughts on “Green Tip #155: Waste Not, Want Not #2: Paper

  1. I always reuse my brother’s and sister’s notebooks. I take out the unused pages and make a new notebook out of it. My grandmother also never throws away used cardboard boxes and but them into squares to be used as notepads. Paper is one of man’s best tools. I still prefer journals and notebook planners than laptop organizers and cellphone calendars.

  2. For years I’ve been using the flip side of already-printed sheets of paper to produce draft documents. This occasionally leads to paper jams, but hey, those are small inconveniences when one’s doing one’s bit to save the planet!

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