Green Tip #157: Waste Not, Want Not #4 – FUN!

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Crafts, crafts, and more crafts with old stuff is the perfect recycling activity. Conserve cash too! As a kid, we went to many parades and picnics. So much fun and so little money. Your local paper or on-line version has festivals and low cost activities. Have kids? Don’t forget about the classic summer activities; squirt gun fights and catching lightening bugs. Here’s a list of 25 more low cost fun activities.

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #157: Waste Not, Want Not #4 – FUN!

  1. Great tip – With every project I think about undertaking – I look around the house to see what I’ve got that can be re-used for the project im starting, or something worn out that can be partially re purposed for the project. I cant to it all the time, but it’s great when I can

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