Green Tip #158: Reusable Baggies

reusable baggiesMy husband and I try to make at least one lifestyle change each year in our quest to be environmentally responsible and frugal. Instead of throwing away 2-3 plastic sandwich and snack bags every day at lunch, we bought a few reusable baggies.

The initial cost was high ($6-8 each) but this type of product is often available at a 50% discount through daily deal sites. If you sew, make them yourself to save even more.

We bought two sets; snack size and sandwich size. The interior is vinyl so you don’t have to worry about moisture leaking through and they are machine washable. The fun part is that the bags are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors so you can match your personality.

What is the latest change you made that was “green”?

This tip is from Kay Lynn Akers who writes about money and life on the way to retirement at Bucksome Boomer. To make sure you don’t miss her next article, subscribe here.

5 thoughts on “Green Tip #158: Reusable Baggies

  1. We still use the plastic bags, but instead of throwing them away we wash them and reuse them. To be honest they last forever. I haven’t bought a new box of baggies in over a year or two. We have a small “clothesline” in our kitchen to hang the bags on to dry. We never use plastic wrap or anything that cannot be reused, so even though they look disposable to us they aren’t at all.

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