Green Tip #166: Flash vs CD

As anyone who has seen the blue screen of death on their computer knows, backing up your files is a wise idea. We used to all carry floppy disks, then CD’s or DVD‘s. While some still use the later, the greenest and most economical choice is to use a flash drive, otherwise known as a memory stick. This is a better device to store data on than a CD because you can put data on it  and remove it at any time without having to copy over existing data as you would with a CD. You can get a good flash drive for $10 these days. While a CD will obviously cost less, they are able to store less data and with the number you will have to buy, you’ll likely spend the same if not more money in the end. Moreover if your memory stick does die eventually, its a very small amount of waste as opposed to dozens and dozens of CD’s going to landfill.

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #166: Flash vs CD

  1. Mrs. SPF was lucky enough to have 6 relatives from Holland (Uncles, Aunts, Cousins) travel all the way to Canada for a vacation in conjunction with attending our wedding. They video taped everything. Just recently we got 3 memory sticks with the wedding videos on them – awesomeness!

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