Green Tip #178: Limit Purchase of Groceries on Sale

If you are anything like me you get excited when you seeĀ a really good sale at the grocery store and you pick up several of the sale items. Problem is we can never seem to get through some of these groceries sale items before they go bad so we end up with expired, unopened boxes of crackers in the pantry or cans of coconut milk in the drawers. So while loading up on sale items can technically save you money it really doesn’t in the end if you can’t get through it. Not to mention all the packaging that is wasted too.

Do you overstock your groceries?

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1 thought on “Green Tip #178: Limit Purchase of Groceries on Sale

  1. I think we can all honestly admit to have fallen into this trap at some point. We have limited our groceries for a while now to try to use up some stuff in the house. Plus with eating organic and mostly produce we don’t find sales as much which also helps with this problem.

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