Green Tip #181: Make Your Own Ice Tea

Walking in from the long hot walk home today I really could have used a nice cold iced tea. Unfortunately there wasn’t any made so I had some juice instead. If you are also a fan of iced tea, perhaps give some thought to what type you are drinking. I used to have that powdered stuff but now I only have herbal teas plus I got to thinking about what is really in those mixes…a lot of sugar and not so much real tea! It makes a lot more sense to make a pot of tea and let it cool. You know exactly what is in it, you haven’t bought any more cartons or packaging.

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8 thoughts on “Green Tip #181: Make Your Own Ice Tea

  1. We make our own ice tea, but I am also from the south and it must have sugar. Although it is better than those powdered teas any day, health and taste wise.

  2. Two other ways to make ice tea: 1) put some tea leaves or bags in a big jar and let it sit in the fridge overnight, then strain or remove the bags. No heating necessary, the tea tastes lighter but is really delicious, especially with a slice of lemon. 2) Put tea leaves or bags in a clear glass container and set it out in the sun for the afternoon. Stronger flavour than option 1 above, and still no need to run the kettle!

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