Green Tip #182: Rethink Your Sunscreen

This is one of those tips that will cost you more now but I think will save you money later. It is starting to get really hot here and so we lather up on the sunscreensunscreen whenever we are outside for a while. There are so many sunscreens on the market these days and people just slather them on and let the product bake into their skin with sometimes little thought put into what they are putting on their skin. Our bodies absorb 60% of the products we put on them so beware. As I have talked about before, there are some things like parabens and phalates which you should avoid in any product that isn’t  saving your skin. Also worthy to note for pregnant women avoid: oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate ( vitamin A palmitate and retinol hexadecanoate) which have been linked to birth defects. I found a sunscreen by Green Beaver which I like and trust. Yes it cost more but it has very few ingredients.

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