Green Tip #19: Pick up Garbage

cansAt least once a week on my way to work I come across a piece of garbage on the sidewalk.  Most often its plastic bags, holders for cans or bottles. I pick up garbage and put it in the nearest garbage can or recycling container. It bugs me that most of that will end up in the nearest streams or rivers and be eaten by fish or turtles.  In the case of bottles for alcoholic beverages I hang unto them to recycle at the local beer store and get some money back! I bottle
remember as a kid going to the grocery store with my dad and he would bring at least one large bag if not two of plastic, glass and tin cans and bottles to recycle. Some were from home while most of it came from his habit to pick up garbage on his nightly walks with the dog. He’d make a couple of bucks which went towards the groceries. Kinda neat that you can get paid to pick up the trash!

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photo credit: Flawka photo credit: Lel4nd

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