Green Tip #191: Make Popsicles at Home

Lemonade. This is my favourite kind of popsicle. However they are very hard to find in the grocery store. Instead it is much simpler, cheaper and greener, to make popsicles at home. Popsicle molds can be found at most grocery and discount stores for a few bucks. Making your own popsicles reduces the need for packaging and you can also control exactly what is going into them (say if you wanted to make them a little less sugary for the kids).

Do you ever make popsicles?

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #191: Make Popsicles at Home

  1. I haven’t made any popsicles at home since I was a kid. We use to make them out of koolaid and they were wonderful! Guess I should make some for my children to have the experience.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Honestly how much cheaper can it be to make Popsicles at home?
    And for all the hassle?
    To each their own…

    1. Long term health benefits of pure juice popsicle vs consuming sugar water? As a nurse I think you’d know the long term health costs.
      As for hassle? Go to fridge. Open fridge. Grab jug of juice. Go to cupboard. Get popsicle mold. Place mold on counter. Grab juice. Open juice. Pour juice into mold. Open freezer. Place mold into freezer.
      Hassle to give your kids a healthy cool summer treat?

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