Green Tip #194: Plastic Wrap and Produce

Every time I pass the cellophane wrapped fruit in the produce aisle I cringe. So unnatural for fruit to be bundled up in plastic wrap like that, sometimes to the point where the produce is unrecognizable. While this fruit is often discounted , you really will not get a better product than if you bought fruit in bulk and stored it in your own cloth produce bag. The discounted plastic wrap fruit is very ripe or starting to rot but you cannot tell this until you unwrap it at home. Spend a little more and get more value for your money and pick your own fruit from the bins.

Do you buy produce wrapped in plastic?

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7 thoughts on “Green Tip #194: Plastic Wrap and Produce

  1. This is another great excuse to go to a local farmer’s market. The ones I’ve been to sometimes have reusable containers for the regulars or encourage you to bring your own or bring containers back. One guy even accepted used egg cartons to package his eggs in to bring to market and sell.

    1. Agreed NoDebtMBA, great reason to go to a farmers market. I think there is a beekeeper at our market who will take back jars and let you reuse your own again for more honey

  2. I like being able to pick out every piece of fruit and veggie that we eat. Not only does it feel good to have that kind of control over what you are putting in your body but like you say it is greener too. I wish that if stores want to supply plastic produce bags they make them compostable like the yard bags. It would be a huge leap in the right direction.

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