Green Tip #196: Keep The Vacuum Clean

Vacuums these days are designed with many different types of filters, almost all of which are supposed to be removed and cleaned regularly. I am just starting to get better at doing this on a regular basis. It occurred to me that it really was worth it because a) the vacuum runs better b) I do not spend as much time and energy going over the same spots on the carpet than if the vacuum were clean c) clean filters means clean air coming out the back of the vacuum which I am breathing in.

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #196: Keep The Vacuum Clean

  1. Dyson was kind enough to send me an email the first time I was due to wash the internal filters on my Dyson Ball vacuum, which I LOVE, btw. I haven’t seen once since, and have thus lost track of when I’m supposed to wash ’em. Thanks for the reminder.

    I empty the bin probably more often than I should. Not that it’s doing any harm — I just like seeing the dust, cat hair and other crap spinning around.

    And with the Roomba that cleans upstairs, it needs a good cleaning before every run. Too many things that can go wrong. Anyone who thinks Roomba owners are lazy has never had to maintain one.

    (Confession: I AM lazy, but I take care of my toys.)

  2. I LOVE this site!! I think the Dyson and Roomba both are top-notch products. But with the Roomba you do have to clean the bins after every use. But what the heck! That’s much faster than vacuuming the entire house!

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