Green Tip #199: Cooling off Poolside

Today has got to be the hottest one on record for this summer. It was already hot this morning at 8 AM walking the dog. As you know we do not have central air conditioning in our new home so we are staying cool with other methods. Something we have not done yet but may do soon is use a pool. We do not have the space in our backyard for an actual in ground pool but a kiddie pool might do just the trick. If you have little ones, this is of course great for them. You can be outside but not be cooking under the sun. For grown ups too it can be refreshing to put your feet in or your whole self! The dog will like it too! These pools cost about $10 and you can use the pool water to water your garden after ward.

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5 thoughts on “Green Tip #199: Cooling off Poolside

  1. I might have to go and grab one today. It is hot as can be today….and I just got back from a 5 mile run in the sun…now I am drinking as much water as possible!

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