Green Tip #20: Buy Yogurt in Bulk and Divvy it Up

yogurt nutritionI love yogurt! I tend to buy the plain, gelatin free, aspartame free kind in a big tub. I like to add my own fruit and granola. It makes for a great afternoon snack, but not the whole tub of course! I divvy a tub of yogurt into small containers and take it to work as opposed to buying the yogurt in individual cups, each with their own plastic seal that cant be recycled. A tub of 750 g costs me $1.99 (on sale) whereas 16 individual 100g  cups of Yoplait light yogurt will cost $5 (on sale).  Its not a humongous difference but its less wasteful and more eco-friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #20: Buy Yogurt in Bulk and Divvy it Up

  1. We buy our yogurt from Pinehedge Farms (www.pinehedge.com); it’s available at most health-food stores in my city (Montréal), and it comes in 1 kilogram returnable glass jars. You pay a deposit when you buy it, and the deposit is refunded when you return the glass jar and lid, which goes back to Pinehedge Farms to be sanitized and reused.

    My only complaint is that they only make full-fat yogurt; I try to watch my calories so we’d prefer to get a no-fat or at least low-fat variety but Pinehedge’s yogurt is so delicious it doesn’t really matter. ;-)

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