Green Tip #206: Handkerchiefs

Every few years I give a box of handkerchiefs to my grandfather who has carried one on his self for the better part of of 75 years.  (he is 90 so i’m guessing he started using a handkerchief in his early-mid teens)  Having a handkerchief hands means less paper waste as you can blow twice or more.  Once a handkerchief is soiled to a point it shouldn’t be used again you simply toss it in with your white load of laundry.  Boxes of handkerchiefs are usually come packaged in 6’s or 8’s so you should have plenty on hand for when you need one.

Do you carry a handkerchief?

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9 thoughts on “Green Tip #206: Handkerchiefs

  1. Great tip! My grandfather and father used to carry one, always. I also carried one until I lost the habit in my high school years. They are so practical.

    It’s funny how some cultures spit when they need to get rid of snot (couldn’t think of a better word) and most western cultures think this is a little offensive. But, in the east, the concept of blowing your nose into a rag, and then folding it up and stuffing it into your pocket is equally offensive. I can see both sides.

  2. I don’t carry one all the time, but when I am suited and booted I typically have one handy. I tend to sweat in these outfits, so the handkerchief comes in handy.

    My father was born in 1929 and he always carries one on him…even to this day. I think it is a habit of the old school. The new school way of thinking has no place for these relics. Maybe we should wake up a bit.

    1. Interesting idea for dealing with sweat – hadn’t thought of that one. I have a wedding this August where I need to be in a tux – a hanky will come in handy.

  3. I think they are a brilliant idea and a lot more convenient than tissue. MY girlfriend’s dad never goes anywhere without one. She thinks it is disgusting so I probably won’t be starting that habit anytime soon….

  4. Yes I carry one! I know it dates me, but I don’t care. The alternative is ridiculous. I am not going to carry around a box of tissues. Not only is it practical, it is necessary.

    1. They don’t seem to be a younger generation thing … mind you, having your pants hang around your hips with your boxers half exposed is. Which is more ridiculous? hmmm

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