Green Tip #209: Small Footprint Travels

As I was brushing the dog outside yesterday a family biked down the street. A mum, a dad and a kid in a very neat child carrier in the  back. This made me think back to my family bike trips as a kid. We often started from home and spent a couple of hours along some body of water, always stopping for the most amazingly greasy french fries or cool and refreshing ice cream at the end. The snack at the end was a must for us kids. So if you have kids, nieces or nephews or your friends need a little time off, consider taking the little tykes for a bike trip to explore the neighbourhood area.  It won’t cost you much, no fuel, only some snacks at the end. It’s also s a great way to get kids out of the house and exercising.  Mmmm I could go for some of those greasy french fries right now…

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #209: Small Footprint Travels

  1. We’ve been trying to take one carbon-free or low-carbon vacation each year, just for the fun of it. Two years ago we rode our bikes from our home in Montréal down to Port Kent, New York, took the ferry across to Burlington, Vermont, and rode back up through the Lake Champlain Islands and back home. Never set foot in a car the whole trip, and it was a blast. Last year we rode our bikes to the train station in Montréal, took the train to Toronto, and rode our bikes back home via the Waterfront Trail (Ontario) and La Route Verte (Québec). That was more ambitious but still a fantastic vacation. And boy, did we eat a lot of ice cream. ;-)

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