Green Tip #212: Label Your Drinks

I am sure that many of you are having backyard BBQs and gathering with friends and family in the evenings and weekends to catch up and enjoy the summer. Whether you are using your own glassware or reusable plastic cups, put a label on it with guests names so that you can avoid having to use (and wash!) way too many glasses. It will save you time, money and water. And if you are having a more formal event, you don’t have to use big white labels, perhaps use different coloured ribbon at the stem of the glass. For parties with young kids you could use stickers of Disney movie characters.

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1 thought on “Green Tip #212: Label Your Drinks

  1. I have some little wine glass charms that a friend made me that work great for “labeling” wine glasses. At cook-outs where we are using plastic cups that generally don’t hold up to washing a Sharpie works great. it saves us from throwing away cups and getting new ones because we aren’t sure which belongs to who.

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