Green Tip #213: Frequent Flyer Envelopes

Sustainable PF sometimes grumbles about the number of envelopes I have stored in closets and boxes in our house. I am talking about the large manila envelopes, some padded some not, all used to ship large items. I keep them and reuse them several times before they wear down. This way I don’t have to buy new ones and it’s a great reuse of a product! Simply tape a piece of paper on the cover with the new address and you’re all set!

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #213: Frequent Flyer Envelopes

  1. Good thinking here. When I saw the title of frequent flier, I thought about airline miles, so good hook as well with your title.

    I have never thought about reusing them over and over again, but it is not much effort to re-tape them closed.

  2. good sustainable tip. in our office for inter office communication, we use one type of envelop which will allow a number of address fields. each time we use them we strike the last address off and write a new one.

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