Green Tip #216: Garbage Treasure

If you’ve been wondering what to do with those odds and ends of elastic bands, mismatched buttons or too small to wrap anything in Christmas paper, wonder no more: donate it to a kids camp! There must be at least one in your area, perhaps even an artsy one. You could also make a donation to a daycare. Either way, instructors are always looking for ways to keep kids entertained and using their imaginations and free supplies, termed garbage treasure, are always welcome.

What kinds of garbage treasure have you discovered could have a 2nd life?

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #216: Garbage Treasure

    1. We help run a music festival each year and there is a “Kids Area” where lots of kids activities occur. One of the most popular workshops is the tie-die workshop. We try to save our emptied dish soap bottles and bring them to the festival as they make great dye dispensers.

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