Green Tip #217: Dog Walk On Leash in Green Open Spaces

As you know I enjoy taking the dog out for a walk, discovering new parts of the neighbourhood or the nearby woods. I recently purchased an extendable leash for her for our dog walks in the woods mostly because I don’t want her galloping (and yes she does gallop being a Newf) up to strangers and scaring them (when a 110 lb dog that looks like a small black bear rambles up to you off leash there is a moment of fear.)

The extendible leash gives her some freedom to explore a bit but yet still gives me the capacity to reel her in when people approach. Another reason this leash is a good idea is that it prevents her from trampling small plants off the trail. Many have probably seen signs in parks asking visitors to please stay on the trails, why should it be any different for dogs? Ultimately you are helping the city or the park authority save some money if they don’t have to go in and reseed those areas frequently if you keep your dog on leash, even if it is a long one.

How do you handle things when your dog walk goes to a green open space?

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #217: Dog Walk On Leash in Green Open Spaces

    1. They are a lot of work and commitment. Your life changes as all of a sudden you have to be able to find someone to care for your pal if you want to go away. Vet bills can add up too. And I’d suggest getting a quality dog food to keep your dog healthy and away from the vet.

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