Green Tip #218: Recipes Online

We have a cookbook cabinet. It is small but still we have a cabinet in our dining for nothing but cookbooks. They are wonderful books and I have used them all to some degree or another. I am trying however to not buy or ask for any more from now on and for a good long period of time. First of all there is no more room in the cabinet! More importantly it is possible to get so many recipes online these days, for free and without any paper or ink being used, that a big book seems silly. If you do not have frequent access to the internet, your local library probably also has a great selection of recipe books that you can borrow.

Do you find recipes online or do you stick to the traditional cook book?

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9 thoughts on “Green Tip #218: Recipes Online

  1. I use both. I grew up with the books and have dog eared, butter smeared pages marking our favorites (such as those traditional Christmas cookies).

    For other things (such as pizza or soup), I go online to see what variations I can find. I love the internet – so much information, mostly free. It’s like a huge instant library there just for me!

  2. I love going to the foodnetwork or allrecipes for recipes. However, I am in love with the “best of the best” series from food and wine. Every recipe I have made is amazing and it has exposed me to recipes that I would normally not have tried.

  3. I find most of my recipes online and print out my favorites and put them in binders (chicken, dinners, breakfasts, sweets, etc.). My best find was ziplist.com, which coordinates your favorite online recipes with your weekly shopping list. You use an icon to put any recipe into your recipe box, and then you can browse that, other people’s recipe boxes, or add new recipes from online or typed in. You select your meals for the week and it compiles a shopping list for you. You can then use that to go through your frig and pantry, delete what you already have, then print your list (or send it to your phone) and you’re all set!

  4. The point is I don’t use books anymore, just Internet, so the same thing is with recipes. After some time information in books gets old and even though recipes may be just as good as when written it’s always refreshing to see new recipes and especially when presented beautifully and professionally as they are on many sites. So the answer is definitely online recipes.

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