Green Tip #22: Buy a Quality Jacket for a Bargain

Sierra Design Outerwear Jacket WomensI knew it was going to be cold this morning so I put on my warm hat, my gloves and most importantly my big sierra design jacket. Sustainable PF got this jacket for me about 2 and half years ago as a Christmas present. We got it at a Sierra Design Outlet store for 50% off! There wasn’t anything wrong with the jacket, it was simple last year’s design. As I’ve expressed before I’m not much of a fahsionista so I really didn’t care that it wasn’t “in”, but I think black coasts are like little black dress, every woman needs one that fits and she’ll always look and feel good.

At that time of the purchase of the jacket, I was working in Northern Ontario and I was never cold! I did not have a car there, so I walked everywhere (it was a small town and only took half an hour to get from one end to the other) even in the -40 degree Celsius temperatures. People would stop in their cars and offer me a lift and I’d politely decline and say: “I’m toasty I have this great jacket”

Even though this jacket was still not inexpensive, it was a bargain and its a great high quality jacket. I can easily see myself still wearing it in ten years and it not looking any different … even if I do! ;)

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13 thoughts on “Green Tip #22: Buy a Quality Jacket for a Bargain

    1. Money Reasons, I’ve also bought a ski jacket on sale in the summer and an awesome rain jacket on sale in the winter. I think its a matter of luck in terms of finding what you want off season but its also key to push the salespeople to check their inventory, even if the store isn’t having an off season sale, they probably have off season items in the back that they would be happy to get rid of!

  1. I bought a high quality coat last year and I too can now walk to work in the -40. It’s awesome to actually be able to enjoy winter and have a smile on my face.

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  3. I bought a similar coat two years ago and I still love it and wear it all the time. When it comes to being cold and fashionable or being warm, I am all for being warm.

    1. agreed-I like to be both but often thats not possible and I cannot stand being cold!! and protecting ourselves from the elements keeps us healthy. I see too many people walking around in a fall jacket in the cold weather and I just know they will have the sniffles tomorrow.

  4. Fun article. A nice quality jacket that keeps you warm is like a security blanket. You just feel good in it and you don’t have to worry about freezing. Plus since you love it so much, you won’t waste time or money shopping for more. If you got it on sale, even better! :)

    1. Hi there SP!
      SPF here. I bought the jacket for Mrs. SPF (though she picked it out!)
      We got the jacket in the (ghost?) town of Foymount, Ontario – just south of Algonquin Provincial Park. The town is dead … like 20 house left and a tea room + the Sierra Designs Outlet store. It is AWESOME. Whenever we’re anywhere near there we stop in to get clothing … but they also sell tons of camping gear – sleeping bags, high end tents etc etc etc.

      HIGHLY recommend this store!

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