Green Tip #222: Wash Night

I try to do our laundry in the evenings whenever possible. The washer and dryer add a lot of moisture to the air which means that our house cooling systems have to run even harder to keep things comfortable. Doing the laundry on wash night when the house is cooler means less strain on the air cooling system.  This is a great habit for those who are subject to Time of Use Metering (TOU).

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13 thoughts on “Green Tip #222: Wash Night

  1. @PET – Weekends are good too and the day before the work weeks makes a lot of sense.

    @Justin @FSYA – As water and electricity become more scarce the growing trend in North America is to meter both power and water. Once that happens, when you include the Time of Use rules (rates!) people should change their habits or have to pay.

    @Jason – glad we helped get you out of some chores! See for me, I simply can’t keep track of which articles of clothing Mrs. SPF says are ok to put in the dryer or not, so i’m permanently off clothes washing duty.

    @LH – we’re home at night – makes the most sense to do laundry when we’re home.

    @Jeff – Try early mornings then. But then, if you’re not using the dryer you’re not draining the grid much anyhow.

  2. Wow I literally never thought of that! I can’t even imagine telling The Wife about this…she may actually make me learn how to do the laundry!

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