Green Tip #224: Protect Your Computer Power Cord

We had a very unpleasant discovery this week: our oldest cat had chewed through the power cord to the modem which resulted in no internet at home for several days. Although we scolded our cat we know she will continue on munching on any computer power cords she can sink her teeth into, she likes the jolts or something! So instead of having to pay for replacement cords every so often we are going to do a better job at covering up the computer power cords we have in the house. Otherwise we are producing a lot of electronic waste because of our cats taste for electrical wires. We have not yet decided whether we will cover them with cardboard or wire coverings.

What do you suggest we use to protect our computer power cords?

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8 thoughts on “Green Tip #224: Protect Your Computer Power Cord

    1. You under-estimate just how dense this cat is. She LIKES the jolts (she must, right?). She doesn’t chew cords that have no current running through them … odd cat.
      I think tabasco sauce may do the trick – mix w/ water and spray onto cord.

  1. That’s funny and I am sorry at the same time. It seems like there might be product out there to help. I am sure you guys are not the only ones this ever happened to.

    My cat loves to eat plastic, like bags or shrink wrap. She is so weird, I left a loaf of bread in the bag on the counter top and she ate a hole in it. I think she likes the crinkle.

  2. This might be a bit extreme, but so is not having the internet for a few days. You could box them in with some sort of drywall or wood. I am not very handy, but great with ideas. LOL, good luck!

  3. I’ve been using toilet paper cardboard rolls :)I just tape several of them end-to-end until they make a long tube, put the power cords of my electrical gadgets through it and, voila :) Not only are the power cords kept away from gnawing pets, they’ll make for a neater work area too :) (My pet peeve: messy, maze-like power cords :D)

    Hope this helps :)

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