Green Tip #26: Food Storage Containers

Glass Storage ContainerMost days we take lunch to work because its usually healthier than what we can buy and it saves us money of course. I am fine with taking a sandwiches and some veggies but after a few days I need something else and the results of after we cook in bulk are always a treat. Most often the left-overs¬† require reheating in the office microwave. While we have a sizable collection of plastic containers I recently bought some glass storage containers for reheating lunches as I have read/heard too many stories about plastics leaching into your food as you heat the plastic. Moreover, leftovers like spaghetti and chili stain plastic containers which isn’t pleasant while glass ones wash out easily. I did make sure that I bought glass containers made in the US (have yet to find any made in Canada) as those made in China are said to contain lead.¬† I have bought glass storage containers on sale for about $2.50 each. Most plastic containers you can get for $1 but I figure the life span of a glass container is at least 5 times the life span of a plastic one if not more, so money saved for sure

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #26: Food Storage Containers

  1. Call me cheap, but I use the “disposable” zip-loc containers. Very inexpensive and do the trick.. and the catch is, I do not dispose of them, but reuse them over and over as they wash as well as anything. Perfect for protecting some fruit or whatever in my bag while commuting..

  2. hai, I like this post. I, myself, prefer plastic storage container than glass container, for my kids lunch. but for some reason I prefer glass container becuase they look fancy for my dining table. I think it’s depend on your taste.

    1. For us it is not about appearance but health. Re-heating in plastic is toxic. Mind you, with kids, they could drop the glass and hurt themselves so I can see some logic there.

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