Green Tip #3: Hot Drinks

herbal teaComing fromĀ  Dutch and British heritage, I drink a lot of tea (preferably loose leaf and organic) and other hot drinks. When I make a cup, I only pour into the kettle the exact amount of water I need so the kettle does not run needlessly warming up excess water. I also use an electric kettle as they are more energy efficient than stove top ones.

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7 thoughts on “Green Tip #3: Hot Drinks

  1. Great tip for using just the right amount of water. Will keep this in mind. Got an electric kettle for Christmas so that should help! :)

  2. What about heating the water in a microwave? Is it better or worse for the environment…. I’m not sure?

    1. Interesting idea Barb.
      I’ll look into the math behind the energy use (and cost!) and figure this one out. I think I need to look at the power usage of a kettle vs microwave and the length of time to bring water to a boil.
      The other thing to look at is the effect of microwave radiation, which I doubt I can measure, but can look into! Thanks for the idea!

    2. Would depend on the wattage of the kettle and the microwave and the time necessary to bring water to a boil for each.

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