Green Tip #33: Pass on Your Beauty Products

beauty productsI shop around for various products until I find the right one for me. This sometimes means going through half a bottle of lotion or a quarter of a bottle of shampoo before realizing that the cream still leaves my sensitive skin too dry or the shampoo does not add any shine to my hair. But what to do with all the left over beauty products? Well that’s where family and friends come in for me. Whenever I make a trip to see my family, I bring along whatever beauty products aren’t working for me and they usually find a new happy owner! I get rid of something I don’t need without having to flush it down the drain and someone I know gets a beauty product for free that hopefully works for them.

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photo credit: luc.viatour
photo credit: Idhren

2 thoughts on “Green Tip #33: Pass on Your Beauty Products

  1. I spend much time online researching products to make sure that I think I will like it. It has paid off. I haven’t returned anything in the last 7 years.

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