Green Tip #37: Ventilate your Bathroom

hardwater@ortonAfter showering I always leave the door open by propping the door with a door stopper. We currently don’t have vents in the bathrooms (old house) and don’t want to open the windows to let in the very cold air! After a while all the moisture leaves the bathroom and the door can be closed. We do this to ensure we don’t have mold build-up in our bathrooms. Mold is a health hazard not to mention its expensive to get rid of and we haven’t seen “green” mold removers yet.

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photo credit: kevindooley

6 thoughts on “Green Tip #37: Ventilate your Bathroom

    1. We live in a 100 yr old house so getting vents put in is difficult to do. Not only do we have to make a BIG hole in the brick exterior we also have to deal with plaster board too.

  1. This is a good tip though I don’t like it when cold air drifts in, either. Maybe you can just take cold showers so there’s less humidity and not so much of a shock when you go from a hot shower to a cold house. ;)

    1. I’m pretty sure the bathroom vents are kind of like your dryer vent – when air is being pushed out a flap opens to release the air. When the air is not flowing the flap closes.

  2. While I really like your idea, the steam of hot water contains chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to our body when inhaled. To prevent inhaling such chemicals, it is a better idea to install an air ventilator in your bathroom.

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