Green Tip #38 – Install Low Flow Showerheads

low fflow showerhead shower headLow flow showerheads are reasonably priced and very easy to install.  By installing a low flow shower head you can use the various settings on the device to control how much water is needlessly going down the drain.  These low flow showerheads can be adjusted to release as much water as a non low flow shower head or even set to stop the release of water entirely.  As our water will be metered in the near future, controlling water output and waste is important to us.

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8 thoughts on “Green Tip #38 – Install Low Flow Showerheads

  1. This is one of those water-saving measures that even apartment dwellers can take advantage of. I carried the same low-flow showerhead with me from apartment to apartment over about 15 years, taking off the existing showerhead and replacing it with my low-flow one, then putting the old one back on when it was time for me to leave the apartment.

    People often wrongly assume that “low flow” equals “weak shower” but in fact it’s the opposite: the low-flow heads tend to give the most vigorous, strong showers. The only complaint I’ve heard is that for women with long hair it takes a bit more time to wash out the shampoo with a low-flow showerhead.

  2. I was going to say that I can’t handle low flow because I love tons of extremely forceful water streaming down my back when I take a shower. Then I saw Brad’s comment that some low flow shower heads have great pressure.

    I love my shower head but it came with a flow restrictor installed and I was pretty disappointed at first. Once I removed the flow restrictor it has been amazing. Since then, I have yet to find a shower with better water pressure in all of my travels. Maybe someday I will find a good low flow head that rivals it in pressure!

  3. It might seem stupid what I am going to say/ask but, I like really good strong flow from the showerhead. Would it be still good with the low-flow? I had a few chances to try them out and they did seem off.

    1. We have no issues with our low-flow showerheads. They have various settings ranging from “massage” to “waterfall” to “off”. Mrs. SPF has been OK using them as well and her hair is longer than mine. (currently ;) )

  4. I would only use this if I had the option of having the full blast of water. If I was always restricted to a dribble then I would rather just pay for the water usage, but I agree that having the option is better. We don’t always need the full blast.

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