Green Tip #39 – Shower with a Partner

Share the Shower with a PartnerWant to save water?  Find your spouse, infant, partner, friend, casual acquaintance or a complete stranger and shower together!  One piece of advice however, is that you may want to ensure you’re following Green Tip # 38 – Install a Low Flow Showerhead so you can turn off the water if your bathing gets interrupted!

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photo credit: maessive

16 thoughts on “Green Tip #39 – Shower with a Partner

    1. Glad people are enjoying this one more than the reddit commentators who insisted on pointing out the flaws of this tip. Poor kids must have never had the opportunity to act in this sustainable way ;)

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    1. Thanks! Mrs. SPF gave me an odd look after I told her I wrote this tip, but it sure has been popular!

      re: Alexa – we’ve slowed considerably but seeing we launched Nov 20th of last year we’re quite happy with our progress.

  2. This is actually a very good tip for maintaining a healthy relationship. My wife and I shower together frequently although not during the week since I am often out of the house by 6 am and she doesn’t wake til 8. But it certainly fosters communication without interruption by electronic devices. Plus you are certainly vulnerable when not wearing anything.

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