Green Tip #4: Quality Outerwear

I don’t consider myself fashion forward but I do like to look nice and appear “in with the times”! However I don’t believe in buying new clothing all the time to accomplish this, especially when it comes to winter footwear. Let’s face the facts, winter boots can’t be reused once they’ve expired. So instead of buying used I spend some extra money up front and buy a really good pair of boots that are nice looking but also keep out the wet and cold and will last many years. Ultimately this approach saves me money since I don’t spend anywhere from $50-150 every year for new boots and there aren’t machines running and consuming materials to produce more cheap boots which just end up in landfills.

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9 thoughts on “Green Tip #4: Quality Outerwear

  1. I spend 90 dollars on my winter boots probably 15 years ago. I hated shelling out that much money, but they ended up being a great investment. (These are snow shoveling, sledding boots, not fashion boots.)

    I totally agree that certain things are worth the extra money. Being warm and dry is one of them.

  2. Sorels are generally good; one thing I’ve learned the hard way is to avoid Merrell when it comes to boots. They’re okay for trail-running shoes, but their hiking boots have never lasted me more than one or two seasons. I wear size 14, and unfortunately Merrell is one of the few manufacturers that makes boots in my size, so I’ve owned quite a few pairs over the years. Very comfortable and they fit me perfectly, but they’re too cheaply made. I bought an expensive pair of Merrell Gore-text lined hiking boots one year that lasted two months before the Gore-text liner wore through and they started leaking.

  3. I spent a lot of money on winter boots in the late years thinking it would help… and always got cold feet. Almost all the nice looking boots I bought did not keep me warm. I hate that. I do think quality outerwear are worth it but I’m not feeling lucky towards it!

    1. Do not Wait
      Have you tried the boots that are rated -25 or even -100? or arctic socks like they sell at MEC? I also have a friend who uses hot packs in the mitts and boots…

      1. Maybe I will! This year, I even forbid myself buying new boots (the last year ones suck…) because I was desperate! But I am planning on walking more this winter so maybe I’ll go with your suggestions. Rated Sorel boots with artic socks! LOL

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