Green Tip #44: Shower Bucket

water shower bucketThis one is going to sound odd – it certainly sounded odd to me when I first heard about adding a Shower Bucket to your shower or tub.  Why in the world would anyone put a bucket in their tub or shower?  Think about it – how long does the water run before you get it to a temperature that you are willing to bathe in?  It isn’t 1 or 2 seconds that’s for sure.  What what is the result?  A bunch of water (and money!) going right down the drain.  Why not save some of this perfectly clean water to use later for other purposes?  You can use it to wash yourself or when you use green cleaning products in your bathroom.  You could even use the water in your low flow toilet to save on future flushes – and you’ll know you aren’t flushing your money down the toilet!

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photo credit: Vivian Chen [???]

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