Green Tip #46: Use a Low Flow Toilet

low flow toiletTo our readers we may be appear to be beating a dead (wet) horse but this is a valid tip.  If you learn how to install a low flow toilet and take advantage of your shower bucket you can save a TON of water.  I think we will all get billed for water use eventually as fresh, clean water becomes increasingly scarce.  It is best to change your lifestyle and habits before the contents of your wallet may as well be used as toilet paper.

That being said, we’re done with the low flow toilet tips … promise.

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photo credit: GorillaSushi

3 thoughts on “Green Tip #46: Use a Low Flow Toilet

    1. Hiya Sandy – we researched the dual flush, and could have gotten one during the same sale, but the reviews weren’t nearly as good as the 4.8 L flush. We’ve had no issues to date w/ the 1 option flush – it is plenty powerful!

  1. Thanks for the tip! This should be a lot more cost effective I will consider checking out a low flush toilet next time it needs to be replaced.

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