Green Tip #47: Sink Half Full

Kitchen SinkI am the dish washer in this household. I try to do them every evening after dinner but honestly it doesn’t always happen. However a sky high pile of dishes does not mean that I fill the sink to the brim. Rather I prefer a sink that is half full of water, even less sometimes, put the soap in and wash the dishes. We have one of those large sinks so I have to rinse the dishes in the same sink. There really is no need to have a sink full to the brim with water, all you need is enough clean water and soap to get through a load. Works for me, what works for you?

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photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage . . . here only occasionally

3 thoughts on “Green Tip #47: Sink Half Full

  1. I love these tips. the only problem with becoming more ecologically conscious is that I feel really guilty when I don’t behave in an ecological smart way. (Hey I’m not perfect) :)

    1. Super glad you like our tips Barb!
      We feel the same way. I think the fact you make the effort most of the time is good enough. No one is perfect as you mentioned. We drive right? We have to use some sort of fuel for heat. Some things are unavoidable …

  2. We do the same, even less water sometimes, since we’re on a well and we’re trying to be very conscious of water usage and waste.

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