Green Tip #52: Soak Those Casserole Pans

casserole panEvery once a while I make a wonderful dish whose remnants cling to the casserole pan or pot I made it in. Cleaning used to be a nightmare. However what I do these days is let the casserole pan soak for a while. There is no sense using lots of water and soap and lots of elbow grease to try and pry food bits off the cooking surface. Better to fill it up with sudsy water and revisit it the next day.  Saves water, soap and lots of frustration.

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photo credit: Tom Burns

5 thoughts on “Green Tip #52: Soak Those Casserole Pans

  1. Letting it soak becomes super-effective when you put the dish over the stove. Boy does heat really help!

    In the interest of sustainability, only put it on a burner that had already been used for something else. :P We have an electric stovetop which means it’s still hot as all get out even 5 minutes after use.

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