Green Tip #55: Keep a Cold One In The Fridge

water glass cold oneAnd no I don’t mean beer! (SPF does!) Ever notice how it takes so long to get the water running really cold from the tap? Well it does at our house and in the meantime we waste water. I like my water ice cold so we keep water in a container in the fridge and refill it when its empty. This way ice cold water is available anytime.

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4 thoughts on “Green Tip #55: Keep a Cold One In The Fridge

  1. You can also put any left over water in the fridge to keep it cold. For example, you pour a glass but don’t finish it all, you can keep it cold in the fridge until next time. That way you don’t waste the water by pouring it out for something colder.

  2. Good point. Keeping bottles of frozen water in the freezer improves the freezer’s performance. I’m also convinced that cold beer improves my own performance at darts.

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