Green Tip #58: Don’t Buy New Dishes Yourself

dishesIt has been years since Sustainable PF and I bought any new dishes for our kitchen cupboards. The last additions were gifts from his grandfather-very nice ones. And before that, mugs I got at a garage sale. So if you are in need of some new dishes, maybe too many landed on the floor or have become chipped and unusable over the years, consider getting them second hand or putting them on your next birthday/Christmas list. It won’t cost you a thing and your kitchen will be restocked with beautiful, usable dishes.

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photo credit: Sarah Korf

4 thoughts on “Green Tip #58: Don’t Buy New Dishes Yourself

  1. I have a set of everyday stoneware that I bought new but have been using it now for 30 years so that was $100 well spent.

    My china was bought at an estate auction and was made during the post-war years in Japan. Interesting and they are beautiful dishes.

    1. Our stoneware is quality stuff too. Glad to have received it as a gift.
      Our China was passed on to us from Mrs. SPFs grandmother who likely got it from her grandmother! We do not use it too often though.

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