Green Tip #63: Double Check Those Appliances

I have gotten into the habit each night before I go to bed and before I leave for work in the morning of checking that the fridge and freezer are properly closed. I just give the appliances a shove and then I know that all is “cool”. :) I am sure many people have experienced, a couple of times in the past we have awoken to realize the fridge was slightly ajar and working in overdrive to try to keep items cool but after an entire night some things just aren’t as chilled anymore. Hence my new habit.

3 thoughts on “Green Tip #63: Double Check Those Appliances

  1. This happened to me too – I woke up to find the fridge slightly ajar. Annoyed the heck out of me.

    But what annoyed me even more was the front door was ajay. Not just unloacked, it was ajar. DH got an earful that day.

  2. I recently purchase a new, energy-saving, fridge and the door will beep if it is ajar or left open for too long. I once read that keeping the door open on a fridge is the biggest energy waster ever. I need to remind my husband of this; the door alarm only beeps when he’s standing in front of it. ;)

    1. That’s a cool feature!
      I was at a friends cottage last fall and they had this totally obnoxious thing that sat on a shelf and when it was exposed to light it would pester you until you closed the fridge. Annoying, but effective.

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