Green Tip #71: Milk in Bags

A glass of milk
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I grew up on bagged milk. I always thought this was the norm but soon discovered that many people bought cartons instead. I don’t understand why because buying bagged milk is more cost effective not to mention better for the environment. You pay the same amount of money for 4 L of bagged milk as for 2L of a carton of milk. Moreover it takes less energy to produce bags for the milk than it does for the cartons. And finally, bags can be reused for all sorts of things like a snack for lunch or elastic bands or even to hold your icing as you frost a cake. We buy the local milk which also happens to be hormone and antibiotic free.

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #71: Milk in Bags

    1. Really?! We have litres up here instead of gallons but we get 3 bags w/ 1.3L in each for about $4.25 where as 2L costs close to $3 (remember, everything in Canada costs 20-30% more than the US!)

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