Green Tip #72: Buy Local Dairy

local dairy
If you can, we suggest you buy local dairy products from farms outside your city or town. Living in Peterborough we are fortunate to have a local dairy called Kawartha Dairy.  We can milk, cheese and ice cream from an outlet store that is just a few blocks away from our house.  The price of the local dairy is the same as the non-local alternative and we know we are supporting farmers and other businesses in our community.

2 thoughts on “Green Tip #72: Buy Local Dairy

  1. I’d also doublecheck that it is indeed local. I found out that one of our larger “local” dairies actually ships milk half way around the country and back to process it.

    I love this tip and I love supporting local farmers and eating really good dairy products.

    1. That’s brutal (the shipping)! Just as bad as food grown in North America, shipped to China or Brazil to be processed then sent back. The price to produce food is ridiculous, and, good manufacturing jobs leave our continent!

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