Green Tip #73: Buy Local Eggs

local eggsAt a trip to our local farmers market last weekend we got some local eggs. The farm is about 45  minuts away and is a relatively small chicken farm compared to the industrial ones that supply grocery stores with eggs. A dozen costs us $2.85 which is quite comparable to what you would pay in the grocery store plus we know that we are supporting a local farming family. These farmers also own their chickens which is apparently rare in the chicken farming community. Because they own them they have a vested interest in really caring for them.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: yomi955

6 thoughts on “Green Tip #73: Buy Local Eggs

  1. Wow!! Look at the orange color of the eggs!!! Even the store bought organic ones aren’t that orange. So glad you have a great source for good eggs!

    1. We didn’t take that particular picture Kay, but our friend who lets his chickens run around free range (eating grass, weeds etc) produces eggs that look exactly like the ones in the picture. Soooooooooooo yummy.

  2. I’d love to find where I could buy farmer grown eggs in my area. If I buy organic eggs at the market, they are pushing $5! As for having chickens in a yard, we’re not allowed to do that where I live either. I’m not quite sure why.

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