Green Tip #74: Buy Local Free Range Organic Chicken

free range chickens

I had a nice surprise yesterday. I was in the lunchroom at work and overhead two co-workers talking about local free range chickens. I missed the first part of the conversation pertaining to where you can buy them. So when the conversation ended I asked them where I could get one. It turns out these chickens can be purchased a butcher shop about seven minutes from our house. Moreover these chickens are raised about an hour west of here and are free range which means they all roam freely outside and eat grass and bugs. And they cost about $10 for 3lb bird which is what I would pay forĀ a chicken in the grocery store (not at sale price). The main difference being that this chicken was not raised in confined indoor quarters with no room to roam and did not travel thousands of miles to get to my dinner plate. So next time I am in the mood for chicken I am heading to the local butcher shop.

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5 thoughts on “Green Tip #74: Buy Local Free Range Organic Chicken

  1. The eggs from those chickens are likely to pretty great as well. I was always skeptical that “free range” made a difference in flavour, but that all changed after I did a taste test between supermarket eggs and some free-range eggs I picked up from a farm stand. Granted it wasn’t a fair test because the free-range eggs had been laid that morning and the supermarket eggs had probably been sitting for close to a week before I bought them, so I’d like to repeat the test sometime if I can get my hands on freshly laid eggs from an industrial chicken farm, or at least some free-range eggs that are as old as typical supermarket eggs. The difference in texture and flavour was remarkable.

    1. The quality of chicken or eggs still doesn’t compare from our experience. When a chicken eats more natural food it is a healthier beast and will ultimately produce healthier (tastier) product.

  2. I agree. Those are the best tasting chickens and eggs I’ve ever eaten. So glad you have a great resource close to home.

    We used to buy the free range ones from the Mennonite store in Toronto. They were grain fed… not really on grass and bugs.. but no harmones and such.. I guess still better than store bought chickens. Now that we moved to Mississauga, our options got lesser and more expensive.

    I got 10 coupons off webpiggy for the organic butchers in Toronto.. $150 for $50 and am beginning to reap the rewards. :) really good! we also got some chicken/turkey sausages this time. We do once a month trip to stock up. When the coupons run out, it will get expensive again, but I guess I’ll find a less expensive all natural chicken farmer or supplier by then.

    I’m loving your articles, Mrs.SPF.

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