Green Tip# 77: Buy Local Flour

local flourOn Sunday night we had pancakes for dinner. It is the beginning of the sugaring off season here and so we were in the mood for flapjacks and syrup. I made the pancakes with some local red fife flour that I bought a while ago. For those of you who have read the books “Locavore” and “100 Mile Diet” you know that red fife is a sort of heirloom grain of Ontario and Canada. This grain makes a hardy flour that is more flavourful and much more nutrient rich than you regular white flour. Is it cheaper? Most definitely not. However we figure with the savings that we make in most of our daily purchases we can splurge and buy this local flour. We choose to do so because the flour has not traveled more than an hour to get to our house. It is grown organically and it is milled nearby as well which employ

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photo credit: K.Hurley local people.

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