Green Tip #79: Green Coffee Cups

green coffee cups
Image by Josh Liba via Flickr

I enjoyed a delicious decaf vanilla latte today courtesy of Starbucks. Normally I tote my travel mug with me everywhere but today I had left it home. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cup was made from 100% post consumer paper: green coffee cups. Now I know not everyone likes Starbucks for a variety of reasons but I like that they have taken this initiative with these green coffee cups.┬áIt’s kind of sad that I was surprised to see they have done this … shouldn’t every coffee shop or chain be doing the same (Yes you Tim Hortons)? I guess in the meantime we can support those who are trying to be green.

9 thoughts on “Green Tip #79: Green Coffee Cups

    1. We try to take our mugs with us as well, especially to work. The local place near where we work gives us a discount when we lug’a’mug. Awesome fair trade organic coffee – and cheaper than the chain stores. Supporting local, tasty coffee – can’t go wrong.

  1. I always take my own cup to Starbucks – I love that 10-cent discount. ;) However, it’s good to know that they are now using 100% post-consumer paper; too bad I only drink iced drinks from their store.

  2. I have a pet peeve with the coffee shops that WON’T let you bring your own mug … the coffee shops in which the baristas look at you strangely, as though you’re the first person who has ever tried to bring in their own mug, and then they mumble something about company policy, or health code, and how they’re required to serve you in their pre-measured 16 oz. cup. Have you ever been to a shop like that?

    1. AffordAnything.org, my experience on that front has been like this: Some places are totally fine serving you in ypur travel mug and usually even give you a $0.05 discount. But these are usually the smaller, locally owned coffee places. The bigger chains I have found will take my mug, but actually pour the beverage into a cardboard cup, then pour it into my mug…sort of their way of getting around that health rule I guess…but then they still use a non-green cup!!!

  3. I think it’s sad that more companies haven’t done this; as in gone and started using green products. Some coffee places still use non-recycled cups, other stores still use plastic bags, and some places don’t use efficient lighting. I think companies need to have some guts and make some real changes to how they operate their business even if it hurts their bottom line in the beginning.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Additionally, we as consumers need to make some tougher/better choices even if it hurts our bottom line. I know Mrs. SPF and I increased our food budget so we could buy from the small grocer and so we could buy more local/organic meats and veg. Sure, we save less for retirement 25 yrs down the line but we feel better now. The present should not be totally shunned for a potential future. Plus, doing this now, hopefully there is a better chance for a future …

    2. Agreed! I have also seen a lot of companies start to use compostable containers and cups but so far none have broken down in our little home composter. I am pretty sure that these types of materials need an industrial composter that churns everything up regularly to help break them down. Neat idea just dont think it will work in the everyday backyard.

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