Green Tip #80: Low Fat Bacon Bought Locally?

Yesterday we made out weekly trip to the farmer’s market. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our local pork farmer was back. As Baconit turns out he had not in fact missed that many weekends at the market, just the ones we were at. So since we didn’t know when we would see him again we loaded up on his local bacon. This bacon is like no other we have ever tasted. For the most part that is due to the fact that each slice is 75% meat, not fat, like the leading store brands. Moreover it is simply smoked, no added preservatives or loads of  added salt. So it only last about a week in  the fridge as opposed  to say a couple of week with the store bought kind, but we don’t really see that as an issue as there is virtually no chance this fantastic bacon will sit idle in our fridge for a week. Lastly, this bacon does not cost us any more than it would in a grocery store (it is $4.75) and we are supporting a local pork farmer.

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