Green Tip #81: Reuse Food Storage Containers at Stores

Glass food storage container with Easy Find Lids
Image by Rubbermaid Products via Flickr

We have a drawer in our kitchen dedicated to containers. Plastic, glass (trying to get more of these, juice jugs, etc). I find every week when Sustainable PF puts out the recycling there are so many containers for goods we buy and it’s kinda of annoying we cant always reuse them to buy the same product because most mainstream grocery stores aren’t set up that way. So when a store does actually support using our own food storage containers, I am all over it! For example a little bulk food store not far from our house lets you reuse containers for almost anything in the store from peanut butter to Parmesan cheese. You just have to buy one of their containers once (cost is $0.30) and then reuse it as many times as you like.

1 thought on “Green Tip #81: Reuse Food Storage Containers at Stores

  1. Its just a matter of habit, I find people may resist or forget at first but once they are used to taking their own bags etc. back to a store and stop gathering containers and plastic they don’t need it helps everyone.

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