Green Tip # 82: Turn Down the Boil

boiling water
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I recently learned that you can turn down the heat when boiling water when cooking to save energy. Apparently water that is a low boil is the same temperature as water at a high boil so your vegetables don’t cook any faster at a high boil but you will use more energy. Makes perfect sense so I’ll be turning down the dial on the boiling water next time  I make some pasta.

4 thoughts on “Green Tip # 82: Turn Down the Boil

  1. This is also an important culinary point for certain foods and drinks — for example chicken stock shouldn’t be allowed to boil because it turns cloudy; if you keep it just below the boil it’ll remain clear. And green tea should never be made with boiling water because it gives the tea a bitter taste (one of the reasons many people say they don’t like green tea is because they’ve drunk tea made with boiling water and/or tea that has steeped more than a minute or two, which is generally the maximum for green tea). For green tea I wait until just the faintest bit of steam is coming out of the kettle, which is around 75-80 Celsius, the perfect temperature for most green teas. The difference in flavour is amazing.

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