Green Tip #83: Just Enough Water for the Dog

freya newfound land dog
Freya at our Cottage

As you already know we have a Newfoundland dog. Most people think this means that she eats an enormous amount of food and drinks gallons of water everyday. She doesn’t though in fact. When she was a puppy we fed her more puppy food as per the vets instructions but she eats only about 3 cups of dry food a day now at the age of four. In the case of water, she drinks a normal amount which is why Sustainable PF came up with the really great idea of being more mindful of how much water we put in her water dish every morning and night. We used to just absent mindedly fill it up but she never drank it all up and we always poured much of it into the sink. So now we only pour in what she needs to drink and no longer waste water for our dog. (in summer we put more out to ensure she is hydrated all day!)

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