Green Tip #85: Cloth Produce Bags

One item that takes up a lot of of room in our small kitchen are those little clear plastic produce bags. While I try and reuse them, I findTaupe mesh shopping bag
photo credit: Paeonia* it’s best to avoid using them in the first place. A few years ago I discovered these cloth bags. They are excellent and hold a lot of fruit or vegetables. They are really well made and can be used time after time. I get comments and compliments on them by the cashier almost every time I bring them to the grocery store. Now wouldn’t it be great if we could just get rid of those annoying plastic produce bags! These make great stocking stuffers folks!


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2 comments to Green Tip #85: Cloth Produce Bags

  • Mercedes

    I found bags like these ate the dollar store (4 for $1). I don’t think they were organic cotton, but they serve the same purpose. I just need to remember to bring them when I go shopping!

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