Green Tip #87: Keep an Ample Staples Supply

We enjoy keeping a pantry well stocked with food items that last for some time without perishing.  Mrs. SPF likes having items we can Canned Staples Supplycook on hand for variety sake whereas I think more about having food supply on hand in case of disaster. We like to keep rice, pasta, dried and canned soups and beans, canned chili, canned vegetables and tuna and other sauces – especially tomato sauce.  We also like to keep baking supplies on hand such as white and brown sugar, red fife local flour, baking soda and powder, oats, vanilla, spices of all types, olive oil, mustard and stock (chicken, beef, vegetable).

What do you keep in your staples supply?

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6 thoughts on “Green Tip #87: Keep an Ample Staples Supply

  1. It’s funny you mention “staples” because I was just thinking that the big box of staples (literally staples, as in for stapling pieces of paper together) that I bought in the 1980s is probably going to last me all my life — I haven’t used up even half of them yet! In addition to kitchen staples, I try to keep a good supply of home-office and other supplies on hand as well by buying in bulk. Not only does it save money but it reduces time and fuel spent on shopping trips. I bought a year’s worth of shampoo last week for $27 from our local bulk supplier, and I always stock up on things like ink cartridges, paper, laundry and dish soap, etc.

  2. Many of the same items plus things that do not require cooking. Granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc. I went through an earthquake and things are crazy for a few days. One thing, I learned was you can not ever have enough drinking water.

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