Green Tip #91: Cover Up the Ugly

Our current dining room in our new (old) house has linoleum flooring.  Odd eh? This room actually used the be the kitchen hence the choice of flooring. It actually is not in bad shape but I just really don’t like linoleum! We plan on tiling it eventually when we convert it back to a kitchen but we’ll have to save up a lot of funds first. In the meantime Sustainable PF had the idea of throwing n 8’x12’carpet down underneath our dining table. It does not cover the entire floor but still manages to make the room look a little nicer. So if you don’t have the funds to do some major renovations, cover them up whether it be with a sarong across a crack in a wall or strategic placement of furniture in a bedroom to cover a stain, you can make due for the time being.

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2 thoughts on “Green Tip #91: Cover Up the Ugly

  1. This is a very useful tip, it also always looks better when you make a big change in a room. Putting a carpet down will make the room look new and it’s cheap. By the way the new banner looks awesome!!

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